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Cherenkov Station
The direct successor to FOS Station in a small chain of usermaps; my finest map to date.

Cherenkov Station is an orbital station linked to the same complex as FOS Station, but it's not your average run-of-the-mill station like FOS was. Cherenkov Station was designed to be gritty, mechanical, grand; this is one of the more unique space maps available for Duke.

Duke starts in the abandoned docking station he arrived in from FOS Station. From there, he must journey into the bowels of the station to power on the station's aging nuclear reactor. Having done this, he must work his way through the nuclear waste substation, escape to the living areas of the station, and fight his way to a showdown in the docking bay!

Weighing in at 1.5k sectors, this is my largest map, so you'll need eduke32 to play it. There's a new soundtrack for the level; an original composition by me. You'll also need Atomic Edition to play. Any renderer will work, and the map is compatible with the HRP.

Download here