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Duke Nukem 3D
Hi; this page is dedicated to the great old DOS game Duke Nukem 3D, which has been ported to the Windows and Linux operating system and continues to offer hours of entertainment. You can find its history, ports for running on modern OSes, and community links here.

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The Duke Nukem community(ies) are going through a period of turmoil and change with the closing of 3D Realms. To preserve the hard work of the entire community as a whole, it would be advantageous to interlink as much as possible, to make it easier for future gamers to locate resoures. If you would link your site/mod/community linked, or if you want a button on the side bar, please get in contact with me!

Long live Duke Nukem!

Ports and utilities
Ports allow the originally-for-DOS Duke Nukem 3D to run on modern operating system--this is the first resource you should download! In addition, ports such as Eduke32 offer functionality and expansion capabilities for modders and mappers. Other utilities include file viewers and multiplayer lobbies.
TerminX's EDuke32 port for modern operating systems; works on both Windows and Linux. It supports improved scripting, an improved renderer, dynamic lighting (Currently in the devel builds only as of may 2009), insanely large levels and increased sector limits, and more. This is the port to use; none of the others come close in terms of features or usability. Most modern mods for DN3D require this port. If you want to play Duke Nukem 3D on a modern operating system, this is the port to use!. All you need is your duke3d.grp file from your Duke Nukem CD (Atomic or standard, either works).

EDuke32 Wiki
A wiki for everything involved in EDuke, including a documentation for the new scripting and hightile graphics systems. There's information on the port itself and on the replacement for the old BUILD level-editor, Mapster32.
JonoF's Duke Nukem port
The port that started it all; JonoF's original port of the BUILD engine to modern operating systems. Still usable, but succeeded by the above Eduke32 port. I would recommend that you use Eduke32 instead, since JonoF has helped port all of JFDuke's features into Eduke.

Dukester X
A handy tool that makes multiplayer Dukematch rounds easier. Since the demise of WON, there has been no centralized system or lobby server for multiplayer--DukesterX implements one and acts as a 'launcher' for one of the above ports.
Duke Nukem Multiplayer
A site that goes into more detail about using various Duke ports and utilities for multiplayer matches.
Yang is another mutiplayer lobby system that is compatible with EDuke32.
Communities are the core of Duke Nukem as it is today: players, mappers, and modders from around the globe get together and talk. You can find information about Duke Nukem itself, mods, maps, and more. Communicate with other players, contribute ideas, or just comment on the new <whatever> of the week! was founded as a fansite for Duke Nukem Forever. With the demise of 3D Realms and the future of its forums in question, it has become the de facto community for all things Duke. Many of the 'official' threads for the High Resolution Project and other mods can be found there, and the website contains a plethora of information. This is the Duke Community site, and aims to create a one-stop location like the old Dukeworld.

As of May 2009, is offering free, no-strings hosting for sites related to Duke Nukem or the BUILD engine, in response to Gamespy's closing of all IGN hosting accounts. More information can be found here:

AMC Forums
The forums to Alejandro's Mapping Center. Many mappers and modders hang out here; it's one of the most active communities besides
Duke Nukem Repository Stomping Grounds
The forums for the Duke Nukem Repository of maps, mods, and other Duke Nukem content. A good deal of BUILD mappers hang out here, showing off their works, offering sneak previews.
Dukespana (Translated version here)
A spanish Duke Nukem community; I don't know much about it because Google Translator hates me and my years of spanish in High School have leaked out my brain. (Perhaps someone would like to describe it better...?)
Duke Nukem forums on GoG
A forum dedicated to Duke Nukem on GoG.
Poda's Duke Nukem site and forums
A community of Duke Nukem 3D gamers and mappers.
Duke Nukem projects
Duke Nukem High-Resolution Project
The High Resolution Pack aims to modernize Duke Nukem 3D's visual appearance by replacing in-game graphical assets with textures and models created entirely by the community. Requires the Polymost/Polymer renderer and Eduke32. The project is still in development, but rolling along nicely.

Nightfright's HRP update pack
A site that offers mid-release 'updates' of the HRP content--since the HRP is released once every year or two, this allows the player to use the upcoming models as they're finished, etc, etc.
A gameplay-enhancement mod that offers, among other things, intelligent allied bots, new and improved effects, the ability to carry objects around, more ways to interact with the game world, true transparent water, customizeable monsters, and some damn good maps. Very, very fun.
Map/Mod/TC repositories
Duke Nukem Repository
One of the higher-quality repositories of everything Duke Nukem 3D. Over 400+ maps with full reviews are in the respository, as well as many .art file replacements, CON hacks, general information, and its own community. Several of my older maps can be found here.
Mikko Sandt's Duke Nukem map review site. In my opinion, this is one of the best review sites, replete with screenshots, maps, and TCs. It is updated fairly regularly (And by "regularly" I mean "Every time someone makes a map and posts it where Sandt treads").
Bob's Duke Nukem Single-Player levels
An older site, to be sure, but this modest map archive contains some of the best Duke Nukem maps out there. Mikko Sandt's single player levels, the famous Roch city-maps, Bobsp1/2, and many more--these are some of the most unique and outstanding maps!
This site contains a wealth of information for Duke Nukem 3D and the creation of Total Conversions for said game. Tutorials on .con scripting and art editing, and (somewhat outdated with the release of Eduke32) information on getting the original Build and Duke3d executables to work under Windows.
Duke Nukem 3D TC site
A very comprehensive catalog of Duke Nukem 3D TCs--I've found quite a few that I didn't even know existed here. Has reviews and screenshots.
Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress
I can feel your eyebrows rasing from here. Naferia's Reign looks to be a very feature-packed TC, including new levels, effects, gameplay tweaks, and more. Sometime during the next few days I will download it and try it.
Duke Nukem 3D on ModDB
A portal with information about various Duke mods and total conversions, including Duke Plus.
Duke Elite
A collection of 'the best' Duke Maps. I recognize some of these levels; a few of them, such as Moonbase Beta 2, truly *were* the best (for the time period). These are golden oldies from the early days of Duke--Moonbase Beta 2 is still one of my most favorite levels.
Personal Sites
William Gee's site
The site of the famous Duke mapper William Gee, containing all of his maps and work. Brilliant stuff; he is the master of Conceptual Grandness in Duke maps.
CFC's maps
A collection of maps by someone named CFC. Try to ignore the "Do it yourself: Learn bathroom resurfacing!" advertisements and the flashing text and the constant! exclamation! marks!
MRCK's Duke Maps
Personal site of resident mapper MRCK, containing his user-maps for Duke Nukem 3D. He's made some levels that are quite stunning, and has a distinctive personal flair.
Jason's Zone of Duke Nukem 3D
A site dedicated to various aspects of Duke Nukem; includes a map vault. Mostly DM maps by the look of it.